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Devika Urban Co - Operative Bank LTD.
Udhampur, J&K



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New  Committees Framed

  • Loan Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Purchase Committee
  • Audit /Inspection Committee
  • ALCO Committee
  • Recovery Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Staff Committee

With the opening of Banks Branches. The present management has provided job opportunities to the local youth of District Udhampur and has thus make recruitment of nine Cashier-cum-Clerks, One IT Engineer & four Peon/Messengers. This ultimately has resulted into promotion of some staff members to Scale-I level and Cashier-cum-clerk. Present Board had promoted five Cashier-cum-clerks to the level of scale-I Officer & one peon/Messenger to the post of Cashier-cum-clerk.

What's Latest
SPECIAL OFFER: Interest rate on Saving Bank Deposit above 2 lakh has been revised from 4% to 6% to be paid on half yearly basis w.e.f 10th of NOV 2017. Depositor are required to maintain balance of Rs 2 lakh continuously upto the date of credit of interest for availing this special offer.